Our longstanding team of experienced staff and teachers are humble and approachable.  We all strive to be inclusive and welcoming to everyone, while also remaining respectful of those who wish for privacy/solitude during their yoga experience.

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Alexis embodies the yogic principle of mind, body, and spiritual connection, and she shares that principle with her students; believing that true gift of yoga is being able to choose the best way to embrace and enjoy life. She completed her 200-hour teacher training in Rishikesh, India, as well as her prenatal certification with Janice Clairfield. Her generous and kind spirit is apparent in both her prenatal and Hips and Hammies classes. 


Allison creates a safe atmosphere to explore physical asana, that allows her students to gradually uncover their own sense of strength, flexibility, calm, acceptance, compassion, and joy. She continues to study with senior instructor Hart Lazer to constantly discover and learn the benefits of being present in the moment. The Yoga Shala’s resident Baby Whisperer, new mamas and their babies love her classes and warm, compassionate, loving approach to yoga.


Through her own experience with injury, Ardella has a deep understanding of how pain and vulnerability can impact a person’s life. She has trained with many notable teachers, and has a Kinesiology background that gives her technical, as well as compassionate, knowledge regarding pain relief through yoga therapy and restorative yoga. Her Restorative and Flow classes are perfect for anyone looking to work through their own physical vulnerabilities.


It’s not often one comes across a yoga teacher who is also a comedian, but Carmen is where comedy and yoga meet. With three teacher trainings under her belt, Carmen provides a unique and playful environment that allows her students space and freedom to empower themselves in her popular Flow and Restore classes. She is a calm, encouraging presence for her students while they work to strengthen the ability to remain centred and grounded while challenging their physical bodies.  


As well as studying Ashtanga yoga in India with Sri K Pattabhi Jois and his grandson Sharath, Christine has completed numerous teacher trainings and, with her background in Dance, Kinesiology, and Natural Nutrition, offers a beautiful and balanced approach to her yoga students. She connects her own experience of body awareness and alignment with classical yoga teaching, allowing her students to discover their own path to balance in her popular Integrated Strength and Restore classes


The Director of the Yoga Shala, Dana strives to make this a sacred space where all are welcomed warmly. Dana has experienced the healing power of yoga and brings that experience to all her students, who love her warmth and sense of humour. She has studied extensively with renowned senior teacher Tim Miller and has travelled 3x to Mysore India to study at KPJAYI. From the beginner to the experienced practitioner, Dana guides each student individually and with love and patience. 


Believing that yoga transforms us from the inside out, Dawn guides her students through a mindful physical practice that also delves into inner strength and self-discovery. She has completed both Ashtanga and Sattva trainings, and is dedicated to her study of yoga and meditation. Dawn’s mantra of “Peace, Patience, and Practice” reverberates through her teaching; she shares the beautiful union of body, breath, and mind in all of her Yin and Meditation classes.


Eve brings a caring and motivating energy to her classes. Inspired by the rich living tradition of Ashtanga yoga, she uses precise language and subtle adjustments to guide students in becoming more perceptive of how breath animates our bodies and psycho emotional states. In addition to her professional training in modern dance, Anusara and Ashtanga yoga, she has a Master’s in Education and works passionately in bilingual education with the Calgary Board of Education.


Gord firmly believes that everything we need is within us and the journey inward is to peel away the layers of stress, tension, anxiety, and fear that mask our true nature. A martial artist and long-time yoga practitioner, Gord has studied many styles and methods of yoga, which allows him to assist other practitioners on their own beautiful journey inward. His Restorative classes are a part of that journey, bringing relaxation to the body and mind.


After overcoming pain and finding serenity and happiness through a regular commitment to yoga practice, Holly was inspired to help others find health and peace on the mat. After completing her yoga teacher training, she discovered that learning is a lifelong process; Holly’s mission is to share techniques and experiences by demonstrating choices and options for all her students. Her Gentle Yoga Nidra classes help awaken each individual to their own gifts and energy.


The Director of our Morning Mysore program, Jan is KPJAYI Authorized and has been given the blessings to teach the practice from her teacherSri R. Sharath Jois. Through the practice of Ashtanga Yoga, Jan has learned to trust the system, and is comforted by this deep and rich tradition. As she has experienced the transformative power of yoga in her own life, she is deeply committed to sharing its benefits with the whole community.


Jeremy is passionate about instilling all eight limbs of yoga into his daily life, and he shares that passion with his students. His goal is to make each student feel comfortable and able to move in their body with ease. Jeremy’s personal practice includes breath work, Chakra-based postures, and meditation, and he carries the principle elements of that practice into his Ashtanga classes.


After a childhood as a competitive gymnast, Lauren turned to yoga; naturally very physically strong with good body awareness, she discovered space and peace on the mat. After completing her yoga teacher training in India, Lauren began sharing her passion and love for yoga with the people around her. Her Slow Flow class allows students to step out of their minds and into their bodies, to bring ease into their lives away from responsibilities and busyness that life can bring.


Nicole is passionate about practicing yoga both on and off the mat; to her, yoga isn’t just about postures, it’s about living the principle of maitri, or loving-kindness. She was a long-time daily practitioner before completing yoga teacher training, and she incorporates her own years of experience into her classes. Nicole believes that yoga is for anyone at any age and brings energy, laughter, and a sense of fun to her classes, from Yoga for Seniors to Ashtanga. 


A student of yogic practice and philosophy in the Krishnamacharya and Kuvalyananda lineages, Patrick brings his principle of selfless service to his students. Through his years as a massage therapist and bodyworker, he is able to assist students safely move through the Primary Series. He has studied extensively with Sri O.P. Tiwari and shares his teachings of pranayama with his students. Patrick assists students seeking truth and ultimate reality on their journey to self-knowledge.


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We strive to provide a supportive, inclusive, atmosphere where all types of individuals can grow at their own pace.

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