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TUESDAYS 7:30-8:30pm
In Class & Zoom Sessions
2115 20 Ave NW

SATURDAYS 11:30-12:30pm
In Class & Zoom Sessions
4039 Brentwood Road NW

Dana Blonde has been studying and teaching Ashtanga Yoga since 2001. She's traveled extensively to study with senior Ashtanga teachers, and will forever consider herself a student of yoga with much to learn. Dana has received profound benefits from practicing yoga for many years, and loves to share with anyone and everyone

Ashtanga Yoga with Dana classes offer a friendly atmosphere with an intention to foster physical and mental wellbeing, community, and peace of mind to those seeking refuge from the stress and pressures of modern society. 


Classes provide a supportive, inclusive, atmosphere where all types of individuals can grow at their own pace.


I have been attending Dana’s classes for over a decade now. I have tried to take yoga classes elsewhere and it is never the same. Dana greets all her yogis by their first name and embeds a much needed sense of humour to create a welcoming ‘yoga retreat’ experience-  time and time again . On top of all the positives above. I struggle with chronic back pain and her class helps it melt away. I highly recommended Dana’s yoga classes. - Kim

Trying Ashtanga yoga was a big step for me. Dana’s classes have given me the confidence to keep practicing and the desire to keep coming back to my mat. - Deirdre

Dana creates a welcoming environment by sharing her love of Ashtanga and a good laugh.  The predictability of Ashtanga allows me to drop into the practice for some meditative moments, and it has helped awaken my body and mind after a long Covid sleep.  I'm grateful for Dana's classes, her style makes it easy for me to show up on the most blustery of days." - Wanda


Dana will stretch you if you want a challenge and relax you if you need to destress. No judgement, just good juju. - George

I enjoy the community Dana creates in her classes. She speaks to the room and has a way of explaining movements and breath and the traditional teachings that has resonated with me, whether i was in beginner stages or later in my practice when I was feeing ready for more.  The rhythm of the way Dana counts is one of my favourite things, it helps me get into the movement and connect the breath in a way that is incredibly beautiful and brings an ease to the movement and I feel almost like I step out of time when I’m in her yoga room. 


There are so many benefits of the classes and the practice: I move through the world with more ease - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually. I remember the ways that breath can be a superpower :) . My body feels stronger and steadier and my mind calmer, and therefore capable of carrying my kids, caring for my people, being present, playing outside and exploring all this world has to offer. 

I absolutely love Dana's classes, I'm so happy I found her. The group is so welcoming even though they've all been practicing for years, they don't make you feel embarrassed or self conscious. I personally love that there are no mirrors, I can really get into the practice without judging my body. I love Dana's corrections, suggestions, and queues. I LOVE EVERYTHING! - Jess

Dana Blonde


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