$99 / Month

↦ Unlimited online classes

↦ Access to our private “on demand” video library, including pre-recorded classes and yoga tips from our talented teachers.

↦ 10% discount off workshops and special events!

↦ A true sense of commitment to yourself

↦ A feeling of community and being included with a team of people working to live healthier, happier lives

*Conditions apply  *Price does not include GST


$30 for 30 days

New Members can sign up for 30 days of yoga with our amazing teachers for only $30! This is the best deal going and a great way to experience yoga several times a week (which is ideal).

*New Members Only 

About Us

The Yoga Shala is a warm, friendly community that fosters physical wellbeing, community, and peace of mind to those seeking refuge from the stress and pressures of modern society. Our team of skilled teachers offer traditional and therapeutic yoga, focused on calming both the mind and body so that you can become more at ease.


We provide a supportive, inclusive, atmosphere where all types of individuals can grow at their own pace.

Everyone is welcome here!




I’ve been practicing Mysore style Ashtanga and love being able to practice independently within a group. For me it is very satisfying to work on the same sequence almost every day and the instructors are always there for help and expert corrections.



I want to thank you for always being so open and supportive. Watching the way everybody moves is an inspiration. You have given me new motivation in my recovery and I can't even explain how good it feels to be able to comfortably move and breath again.



Since joining Mysore, my practice feels more like my own; I’m finding my breath, I’m more focused and I am gaining confidence in my postures. It’s amazing how strong I’ve become in such a short time, and I love belonging to this great community.



As a new student, I gained an amazing amount of insight and support since I joined the Mysore program at Yoga Shala. Practicing Mysore under Pat's and Dana's guidance has given me a significant and different dimension to my yoga practice.

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The Yoga Shala
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