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We offer a variety of classes to suit your level of experience and practice style

Strength & Flow

Ashtanga Yoga - All Levels

Ashtanga Yoga is a vigorous, flowing practice where we link our breath to our movements. If there are several beginners in the room you can expect a slower more instructional practice and a great opportunity to focus on your breath and your patience!

Ashtanga Yoga - 4 Beginners

The Fundamentals of Ashtanga Yoga will be taught in this class, introducing sun salutations, the standing sequence, and the first few seated postures. You'll be challenged but plenty of options to modify will be offered.

Flow & Restore (All Levels)

A perfect balance for you to work your body and calm your mind. Class will begin with a flowing yoga practice linking movement to breath, followed by long held deeply relaxing stretches using props for support. You'll leave feeling refreshed in every sense!

Gentle Yoga & Nidra (All Levels)

This gentle yoga class is perfect for Beginners, or anyone who could use a peaceful and relaxing hour! Yoga nidra (also known as yogic sleep) encourages  your body's relaxation response. ... ease ongoing stress and anxiety, and feel your body melt away into a soothing state of being.

Restorative Yoga (All Levels)

This is a very slow class with long holds to tap into the deeper connective tissue and structure of the body, with an emphasis on relaxation. This popular class is perfect for those with a tight body looking to try yoga for the first time, or those who just need to slow down and take some time to rest and restore.

Yin Yoga (All Levels)

Yin is a practice of deep stillness, sensation & meditation. In this class you can expect to hold poses for longer periods of time (usually between 4-8 minutes) and find support with a variety of props. Yin encourages us to find our edge of sensation, allowing for a deep opening to happen in our connective tissues - fascia, tendons, & ligaments. 

Gentle & Restorative


w/ Jan Goranson

The Mysore method allows for 1-on-1 instruction and more specific guidance from the teacher. There is no prior knowledge or experience required to attend this class. The teacher(s) will assist each student as necessary and will work individually with the students, as they move at their own pace through a set series of postures.


In Mysore class you show up anytime during the posted hours and will be taught the Ashtanga sequence one posture at a time (practice starts at around 20 minutes). As you repeat the postures daily, you gradually increase your knowledge and create an independent, personal practice. 


Students interested to join Mysore are asked to email Jan Goranson to register.



Start your day off right with yoga and meditation. ​


Weekdays 5:30 am- 8:00am

Mondays 9:30am - 11:00am

All students are welcome, from beginners to advanced. Receive personalized attention and either reconnect to your practice or learn to practice "Mysore Style" from the very beginning. Space is limited....please register in advance. 

Doors open at 5:30am. Arrive anytime, as long as you're done practice by 8:00am. (This is not a 2 hour class but rather an open window during which students will practice individually with one on one attention from teachers.

Late Mysore starts at 9:30am.  Arrive anytime between 9:30am - 10:30am making sure to give yourself time to close and rest before 11:00am. 

ALL levels are welcome, you do not need to know the practice or have practiced before.  This is your perfect place to start! 

Membership options:

Mysore PLUS includes all other in-person and livestream classes.



Moon Days

moon days
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New Moon    Sunday 2 January

Full Moon     Monday 17 January

New Moon    Monday 31 January

Full Moon     Wednesday 16 February

New Moon    Wednesday 2 March

Full Moon     Friday 18 March

New Moon    Thursday 31 March

Full Moon     Saturday 16 April

New Moon    Saturday 30 April

Full Moon     Sunday 15 May

New Moon    Monday 30 May

Full Moon     Tuesday 14 June

New Moon    Tuesday 28 June

Full Moon     Wednesday 13 July

New Moon    Thursday 28 July

Full Moon     Thursday 11 August

New Moon    Saturday 27 August

Full Moon     Saturday 10 September

New Moon    Sunday 25 September

Full Moon     Sunday 9th October

New Moon    Tuesday 25 October

Full Moon    Tuesday 8 November

New Moon   Wednesday 23rd November

Full Moon    Wednesday 7 December

New Moon   Friday 23 December

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