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2022 is Looking GOOD!

We're cruising into some sweet new territory and I am pumped!!!

I'm very grateful to Banff Trail and Triwood Hall for supporting us during these past few years. And to all the teachers and students who patiently went to different locations and stuck with us through Covid shutdowns, my nervous breakdowns etc.!!!

Recently I taught a private class for a friend at the Village Lifestyle Centre in Brentwood. It's an old church with vaulted ceilings and stained glass windows. I wondered "what IS THIS place and how can I stay here". The stars aligned and it is now going to be our space from Monday - Friday. They do weddings and markets on weekends, so we'll mostly be a weekday operation (yes, livestream will remain on weekends). Drop in classes will also be live-streamed for those that want to practice at home. I'm anticipating classes are going to be much busier in the new year and I'm absolutely thrilled with the many possibilities at this new location. It's a very large space, has tons of parking, close to the University, we can leave our things there, and it has an amazing cafe in the building!!

I feel so good about this shift into the new year and have committed to operating in this space until June and hope we can continue on for a long long time!

Not to mention we have a TON of cool things happening in January. Here's a summary:

Jan 1 - 31 - 6-8am

Mysore Month with Patrick Copping

Jan 5 start date (6 weeks) Parent & Baby Yoga with Allison Oxoby

Jan 7 start date (6 weeks)

Parent & Tot Yoga with Allison Oxoby

Jan 13 start date (7 weeks)

Seniors Yoga with Jennifer Vanderland

Jan 15 - 1-4pm

Art & Yoga Afternoon with Carl White & Dana Blonde

Jan 22 - 9-3pm

Weekend Warrior Ashtanga Workshop with Jan Goranson & Dana Blonde

To register please visit our EVENTS page.


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