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Do You LOVE Your Bed?

I know it's Valentine's Day soon and I want to dedicate this post to my greatest love - my bed.

My bed has always been my safe place. My happy place. When I get stressed, you will find me there. Over the last 2 years I've allowed myself the freedom of getting up in the morning naturally (no alarm). Some days I don't get out of bed until 8:30 or 9:00am. While this feels luxurious (and necessary some days), it does not allow me enough time in my days to do all "the things". My yoga practice has suffered. My house isn't in order. My dog doesn't get long enough walks. My hair often gets washed a few days past the limit of acceptability. Can you relate to this? I know many of you are much more organized, responsible and mature than I am. But I have also had SO MANY conversations with people that are just barely getting through each day due to stress, anxiety, and life pressures. And SO MANY people are showing up to class feeling sheepish they haven't practiced for a long time. WE DO NOT CARE AND WE ARE NOT JUDGING YOU. WE ARE SO HAPPY YOU CAME BACK! If you feel like you've lost your way the last little while, I promise you - YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I'M COMMITTING to showing up in Yoga Shala classes 5x per week for the month of February. Would you like to join me in this adventure? If your answer is YES then sign up below for our February Yoga Challenge!!! Love Dana


FEBRUARY YOGA CHALLENGE Complete 23 yoga classes in the 28 days of February and you'll be entered to win weekly prize draws with amazing gift packages!! February 1-28, 2022 FREE with Membership Membership Options (these prices do not include morning Mysore. See below for Mysore pricing): Livestream Only Month $120+gst BUY NOW Livestream & In-Studio Month $150+gst BUY NOW Autopay (includes both) $99+gst BUY NOW REGISTER HERE & we'll send you a calendar to keep track of your progress!


MORNING MYSORE STYLE with Jan Goranson 6:00AM – 8:00AM Monday thru Friday February 1 - 28 The awesome thing about Mysore style practice is that you can just do a little each day. Whether you do a few sun salutations or a longer practice, it will set the tone for a better day with a clearer, focused mind. You don't have to arrive at can come in anytime between 6 and 8am. Email Jan if you have questions about this program. Mysore ONLY $140.00+gst BUY NOW Includes regular Mysore classes only. Mysore PLUS $160.00+gst BUY NOW Includes Mysore & ALL other classes in-studio and online. Mysore 10x $200+gst BUY NOW This pass expires in 3 months from date of purchase.


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