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FAQ's Regarding Temporary Studio Closure

Updated: Apr 19

Q: Are you still doing online classes?

A: YES! We are offering a full schedule of amazing classes and they are going great! It's so much fun to practice together and "see" each other! Our early morning Mysore program is also going strong with Jan providing assistance and encouragement.

Q: Is this a permanent closure?

A: NO! For the moment, we are not receiving helpful relief from our landlord. With our rental space alone costing $11,ooo monthly, it is necessary we remain strong to protect the Shala's future. In order to best protect ourselves and our things we have moved all items from the studio until we know more. If need be, when this is over we will find a new home. The Yoga Shala is about the amazing community and people....and we plan to come back stronger than ever!

Q: Is there anything I can do to help the Shala?

A: YES! Here are some of the ways you can support the studio during this time:

1. Practice with us online! Do lots of yoga so you can stay healthy in body & mind.

2. Buy passes, for yourself and your loved ones.

3. Consider a donation to the studio (email transfers to 4. Consider not stopping your Autopay payments if that's possible for you.

5. Help us advertise the online classes by sharing our schedule with your friends on Social Media! We still have a New Member Special of $49 for the first month!

6. Write us a letter sharing how yoga has helped you, or a favorite class/teacher at the Shala....anything that is meaningful for you about our studio.

7. Make sure you "like" our Facebook page, and Instagram page and encourage your friends to also follow us.

Q: Are you aware of all the Government assistance available?

A: Please trust that we are well informed about all measures taken by the Government to support small business and employees. The support changes daily, and we are staying up to speed on all news regarding available assistance. We continue to consult regularly with our lawyer, accountant, business advisors, other small business owners, commercial realtors etc. Getting loans to pay unreasonable rent while we are not making money would be disastrous to our future. Please trust that every decision is made with the most secure future for the studio in mind.

Q: Dana.....are you doing ok?

A: To be perfectly honest.....yes. I feel that my time doing yoga over the last few decades has prepared me for this current crisis we're in. I feel grounded, confident, and open to all the possibilities and silver linings of this situation. Also, I'm having a lot of fun with the online classes. It's been a learning curve, but I've loved seeing so many students, including those who now live in other cities/countries. Please reach out to me if you have any other questions.

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