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Your support is so important to us in this challenging time! Thank you for all the amazing emails and messages that help to keep our spirits lifted. For the next few weeks we are offering free online classes. We really want to encourage everyone to stay healthy and connected, particularly those working on the front lines in hospitals, grocery stores, truck drivers etc. etc. If you are someone in a financial position to not need free classes, see below on how you can contribute. Sending love to you all!

How to access our FREE Online Classes:

Step 1: Setup Zoom on your computer, laptop, tablet, phone or tv. Watch this tutorial for assistance:

Step 2: Check our schedule for the class you want to attend, which you can find here: SCHEDULE

Step 3: Click this link at the start time of the class. This link will be the same used for all our online classes.

Step 4: Setup your yoga mat and props and place the video in a place where you can easily see while doing your practice.

Please consider the following ways to continue helping us during this time we are closed and the time after:

- If you already have a membership with us, consider continuing your memberships rather than pausing it.

- If you have passes, check into classes online the same way you always do through our website.

- Buy a new membership or passes on our website at and sign into classes online through our website

- Buy a gift certificate through our website for future use at

- Share our posts on Facebook, Instagram and forward our emailed newsletter updates to people that you feel will benefit from our new online offerings.

If you have questions, please do contact us via email at


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