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In-Person Class Cancellation

What a time! We want to start by thanking you for keeping our Yoga Shala community so strong and vital through these ever-shifting times. We are actively working to make improvements to both our in person and online classes, as we know there have been inconveniences, bumps, (internet) choppiness and the like. We greatly appreciate your patience, kindness and support as we work out the kinks.

With the increase in Covid-19 cases in Calgary, we want to do our part to keep our community safe so we’ll be pausing our in-person classes until further notice. Effective immediately, all classes will be online only. We will be back “in person” once the numbers dip and we’ll keep you posted on the details. If you haven’t tried our online classes, now’s a great time to establish a home practice!

As a “Thank You” for holding on and for sharing your good humour and commitment throughout the pandemic, we are offering you the gift of 3 free online classes per week until the end of November 2020!!


10am Saturdays - Ashtanga Yoga with Dana

9:30am Mondays - Flow & Restore with Gord

5:30pm Thursdays - Flow & Restore with Lauren

*You still have to sign yourself up for class in Mindbody, but the classes will be free.

Further, all pass cards will get an additional month (Dec 31) for use. If you were given an extra extension due to illness or injury, that arrangement will still be honoured.

I hope this small gesture lets you know how much you mean to me, and to us as a community. Be well and stay safe.

love dana

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Thanks for doing everything you can to keep the community connected. There are free yoga classes online but I enjoy a class from a local business with an instructor that I might have met in person sometime in the past and hopefully will meet again the near future.

I hope you are able to keep this going until we can all return to 'normal'.


Steve Edworthy
Steve Edworthy
12 de nov. de 2020

Thanks guys, Great move!!

I might make it to a session next week - how’s that for a tentative commitment:). (Seriously, if I get it on my Covid calendar I likely will make it).

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