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September / October 2020 Studio Update!

Can you believe it is almost October? I love this time of year when I can snuggle in my flannel and wear my toque 99% of the time. I know many of us are worried about our mental health and well-being over these colder months and with so much uncertainty in the world. I feel our yoga community is going to be stronger than ever for this reason. We can take comfort knowing we are not alone, and we will persevere to take care of our bodies and minds through yoga and meditation practices together. We have lots of cool stuff happening in October so be sure to check out our Events page.

In an effort to offer more space between mats, we are moving our "in person" classes to the Triwood Community Hall at 2244 Chicoutimi Drive NW. This is a beautiful hall and will allow us more space and hopefully more students practicing together. Believe me, I know it is less than ideal to change locations and yet we are relieved to have options to continue teaching in person classes.


Q: I noticed your studio looks closed. Are you offering classes right now?

We are teaching lots of classes online and in person!!! Check out our schedule!!

Q: Can I use my passes for classes online and in person?

A: Yes, you can!!! Please use up your old passes and also buy more to support the current studio needs. :)

Q: Will you move to a new, permanent studio at some point?

A: With things as they are right now (limited capacity allowed and so much uncertainty), this is unlikely for the time being.

Q: Will you stop teaching "in person", since Covid numbers are on the rise?

A: We will continue to teach in person as long as we are able to offer the appropriate social distancing and follow AHS guidelines. As yogis, we stay unattached to any one scenario and will shift plans if need be.

Q: Dana, I heard you are a realtor now? How's that going?

A: Yes indeed! I've always wanted to be a realtor and Covid gave me the time to complete the course. It's been fun and interesting so far, and I'm keeping busy with possibilities. Email me if you have real estate needs or just want to ask questions!


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